Church Center App

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We have been making several changes in order to make coming back to in-person services a bit easier and streamlined. Once we resume in-person services, if you choose to join us, you will notice that there will be a volunteer registering attendance on an iPad as you walk in. This is a safety precaution to ensure that we have a detailed list of everyone who enters the building.

During our time with online services only, this app will help us keep a more accurate account of who is in attendance with us. We highly recommend checking into the app every Sunday.

The Church Center App linked below for Apple or Android. It takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish, including download time.

  • You will search for our church name.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the code that it sends you, and you’re in!

Once you are in the app you can see all of our contact information and a link to our website, plus you will be able to give online and like I mentioned before, check-in on Sundays. Every member of the church is already added to the database, so it is likely that you will not have to enter much information to get started. You can also update any outdated information in the app as well.