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Devotion to God means being mindful of the holy presence every day. It means being engaged in an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, learning to trust him with our very…

Real Treasure

August 4, 2019
Jesus shares a parable about a rich fool, warning against greed and being self-centered. The relentless pursuit of material possessions is a powerful distraction from growing an intimate relationship with…

The Traveler

July 21, 2019
The traveler is always an outsider, visiting new places and adjusting to customs and cultures outside their own experience. Jesus wars the disciples that not everyone will welcome them on…

The Homeless

July 14, 2019
There are homeless people all around us, some are without a physical home and others without a spiritual home. This passage reminds us that even Jesus was homeless. Even Jesus…
The scripture story describes a man whose demons forced him to live on the outside of community. The story is not only an ancient tale. So many struggle with demons…

The Lonely

June 23, 2019
Have you ever felt utterly alone? Even for just a moment? Imagine the widow who has lost both husband and son. The pain must be almost unbearable and yet, Jesus…

Time To Go

June 2, 2019

Love One Another

May 19, 2019

Follow Me

May 12, 2019