Time To Be Faithful
August 25, 2019

Time To Be Faithful

Passage: Luke 13:10-17
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Once again, Jesus ticked off one of the leaders of the synagogue. Going about his Father’s business by serving faithfully was central to the Savior’s lifestyle. Sometimes this required a doctrinal violation. In this case, during the Sabbath Jesus healed a woman who had been disabled by a spirit. Faithful service to the Lord my sometimes necessitate an act of obedience in inconvenient settings in the presence of persons who will not understand what and why we are doing what God commanded us to do. We must do it anyway. Our service to God is much greater than the rules set by humankind. We are to comply out of respect for authority, but when the greater good is to be accomplished for God and his people, God’s bigger picture must come first. Presuming nothing has changed on the border, this week I will “go there” striving to focus on social justice and not politics. Sometimes the scripture screams, preacher, you know what I expect of you. This is one of those times.

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