March 2019: Welcome to The Window 2.0

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New Covenant The Window

The 2019 New Covenant UMC Newsletter Reboot!

What you are about to read is the first issue of our church newsletter in nine months. Our previous newsletter guru, Elesia Atherton, had to depart New Covenant for new horizons in June 2018. For four years, Elesia used her considerable creativity and expertise to put together a seamless, first-rate newsletter — titled The Window — every month without fail. Her departure left a void in our ability as a congregation to communicate with each other about all sorts of activities, ideas, accomplishments, and people.

So here we are putting together a refurbished newsletter launch — March 2019 issue. A new crew is on board, so this will basically be a newsletter made from scratch. Therefore, expect to see improvements in it as time goes by.

We, of course, hope you will make reading this a regular part of each month. Our goal is to provide a warm, informative touch of our church during the Monday thru Saturday shift. We will work to include relevant content, and we’ll depend on our readers to make sure we learn how to become better at doing that.

We appreciate how every person at New Covenant contributes to our growth and spirit. From our new enthusiastic pastor to our exceptionally welcoming congregation, to the down-home comfort of our 38-year-old barn-like building, we truly are blessed with an outstanding church. We want to reflect that fact in this newsletter.

I believe God breaks into a big smile when He thinks about New Covenant. We are communicating out of love and gratitude for Him. We all have something to say related to our personal relationship with God. The Window is, among other things, a forum for sharing experiences and reflections.

Please know that everyone at New Covenant is enthusiastically invited to contribute.

Contributors to this issue:

  • Rev. Dana Norton
  • Linda Dunn
  • Jean Miller
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Jeff Browning
  • Linda Easton
  • Naomi Norton
  • Sharon Smith
  • Tori Childers
  • Kerri Embrey
  • Barbara Reed
  • Cindy Wolfe
  • Troy Childers
  • Jim Handy
  • Mike Reed