Checklist: “This ol’ House…” Spring 2019

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From the Trustees

Our church building is a haven, a sanctuary, our home, and, above all, a sacred place to worship God. All of us share in the
responsibility for keeping it clean, safe, efficient, and reflective of the dignity that it deserves. The following tips are offered to
help us accomplish this. Most are simply common sense, but it never hurts to have a list to help us remember.

☑ If you are the last to leave, turn off all lights.
☑ If you are the last to leave, verify that all doors are closed and locked (this is often overlooked).
☑ If you adjust any thermostat, please use the up and down arrows but DO NOT use the hold button.
☑ We have a company doing cleanup weekly, but please pick up after yourselves when possible.
☑ Let the office know if you see or have a problem with something.

Leaving notes does not always get to the Trustees Committee.

Please mark your calendars:

Our spring cleanup day will be Saturday, April 13th, prior to Palm Sunday.
Our fall cleanup day will be Saturday, November 16th, a week prior to Thanksgiving.

Our building is old and needs continual care. Thanks to everyone for helping maintain our house of God.

Troy Childers, Chair,
New Covenant Trustees