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Yearly Services of Worship 
These services reflect the Christian’s focus on the birth, death, resurrection, of Jesus Christ, and the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower his followers, with the exception of The Wesley Covenant Service, which is how we dedicate the entire year to serving God in all that we do. 

January (first Sunday)
Wesley Covenant Service: A service designed to dedicate the New Year to serving Jesus in every area of our life

Ash Wednesday: A service preparing for the season of Lent, which focuses on submitting our life completely to God as we recognize our own mortality

Five Sundays following Ash Wednesday: The services of Lent, which focuses on faithful discipleship. 

Palm Sunday: Is the sixth service of Lent and is a remembrance of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem just prior to his crucifixion

Passion Week: Between Palm Sunday and Easter we commemorate The Last Supper, and remember the words of Jesus to his first disciples on Holy Thursday

Good Friday: We remember the last words of Jesus with readings related to the passion of Christ.

Easter: Celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord

Pentecost Sunday: The 8th Sunday following Easter commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit, which empowered the disciples to move out in faithful witness to the world

All Saints Celebration: The first Sunday after All Hallows Eve/Day we celebrate faithful followers of Jesus that have gone before us and are now part of “The Great Cloud of Witnesses”

The Sunday prior to Thanksgiving: A celebration of Thanksgiving

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year: The services of Advent, which prepare us to receive the birth of the Christ Child in us and the world.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services: Celebrating the light of Christ, that is coming into the world.

The services of Christmas and Epiphany: Celebrating the appearance of Jesus Christ into the world, this continues until Ash Wednesday, with the cycle beginning anew.  

There are other special services such as the Sunday following our summer Vacation Bible School, which celebrates the spiritual formation of our children, services that highlight our mission and ministries, and a service celebrating the work of all faithful disciples, with church members conducting every facet of the services on that mid-October Sunday morning.

There are also many Misssions that New Covenant United Methodist is involved in. Press this link if you would like to learn more about our Missions and Beliefs.