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Adult Sunday School Classes – Current Curriculums
September, 2016

Beginning September 4, New Covenant’s three adult Sunday school classes will focus their studies on the following areas:

DISCIPLES – The members of the Disciples class will begin studying and discussing the Book of Job. Although they just recently completed a book about Prophesies & Prophets, the Disciples generally stick to material that comes directly from the Bible. They have no specific sequence they follow in their Biblical exploration – after completing one of the books, they simply decide by consensus which book to study next.  

CELEBRATION – Students in the Celebration class are studying a book by Dr. Timothy Jones, entitled Christian History Made Easy. Not unlike New Covenant’s other adult classes, Celebration leans heavily on student interaction as a primary learning mode. Listening to others and absorbing from their experiences tends to provide a more personal, relevant and engaging study for everyone.

SEEKERS – The men and women of the Seekers class have just finished their exploration of a book with the intriguing title, Wicked Women of the Bible. The report is that the students did indeed find this subject matter interesting. The class is now beginning another study series by the famously engaging Adam Hamilton. Called Christianity’s Family Tree: What Other Christians Believe and Why, the lessons include a book as well as accompanying DVD videos.

The doors are open at all three adult Sunday school classrooms. You are wholeheartedly invited to become a part of any of them. Please know that whichever one (or more) you attend, you will find friendly people who will welcome you with open arms, and who understand the importance of including joy – joy with each other, joy with God’s world – in the learning process.

See you at 9:45!

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